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Commercials: Silver Mountain Resort

Silver Mountain Resort - The Water

Silver Mountain Resort - The Sun

Silver Mountain Resort - The Fire

Silver Mountain Resort

To sell luxury apartments in the middle of nature we must target people who already consider investing in a second house.

Overall look & feel: 
The area is spectacular, so it's important to capture the magic of nature, but at the same time, to also show the luxury of the complex. 

Some Dudes team:

Director: Matei Plesa
Producer: Raluca Ocean
AD: Brindusa Inocan
1st AC / Focus Puller: Ovidiu Gramesc
2nd AC: Aris Ciurdar
Camera Assistant: Bogdan Coman
Makeup artist: Loredana Lupea
Hairstyle: Antochi Dragos (Forma)
Costume designer: Raluca Popa
Design set-up: Ana Baraian
Photo: Cristian Ioan

Creative agency: Heraldist & Wondermarks