Commercial: Profi - 17 Years

Profi celebrates 17 years.

Concept: Together it's better, together it's closer. Profi celebrates 17 years.
(Impreuna e mai bun, impreuna e mai aproape. Profi aniverseaza 17 ani.)

Food and tradition will always bring people closer.
The video exemplifies how Profi comes closer to people for 17 years , helping to create an extra common element between Romanian regions through the stores they open constantly in every corner of the State. We exemplify by putting together traditional costumes & representative dishes from 2 diffrent Romanian regions .

Keyword scenography: "tradition, friendship, closeness."

Some Dudes team:

Director: Matei Plesa
Producer: Brindusa Inocan
Camera Assistant: Bogdan Coman
Assistant: Aris Ciurdar
Assistant: Adrian Tripon
Music: Catalin Nistor
Makeup artist: Loredana Lupea
Hairstyle: Dan Stoica
Costume designer: Raluca Popa
Photo: Brindusa Inocan

Creative agency: Heraldist & Wondermarks