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Plesa Matei - Founder/Director

Matei is a young, talented videomaker, with a surprising artistic maturity and integrity. He often gets involved in social projects, such as the one where he actively supported local craftsmen with amazing videos that helped them promote their business internationally.


Raluca Ocean - Producer

Raluca is our senior production coordinator. With brilliant leadership and organisational skills, she approaches any challenge with calm, which makes her the perfect person to ensure that your shoot runs smoothly. 


Brindusa Inocan - Producer

Brindusa is a creative problem solver of all elements of a video's pre-production.With an eye for detail, a love for coordinating things and understanding that the behind-the-scenes part of project management is just as integral to a project as much as the finished product.


Anda Teglas - Producer

After having spent over 6 years producing award-winning TV, online advertising and short films, Anda joined Some Dudes Studios, where she oversees every creative aspect of the development, production and post-production stages.


Martin Wallmen - Camera Operator

Martin is a passionate cinematographer with love and enthusiasm for every light, lens and camera on set. Over the past years he has collaborated with several outstanding athlets and production companies creating high-definition motion pictures

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Cristian Ioan - Editor

Cristian is a self-taught professional with an award winning photography background. He uses visual tools, plays with styles and techniques to achieve the desired end result of the video

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